How to keep Pricepep up to date?

There are three main ways how you can keep plugins updated on your server. They offer different levels of convenience for a site manager but otherwise accomplish the same goal.

Native Automatic Updates

RightPress maintains its own infrastructure to enable native automatic updates. This is a complimentary service offered to clients with a valid Envato Purchase Code.

To enable native automatic updates, simply enter your Envato Purchase Code when prompted in the admin area of your site – this prompt is displayed when the plugin is first installed and then with each new version of the plugin until Purchase Code is entered. In the latest versions of some of our plugins, there’s also a link next to the plugin name on the Plugins page reading “Purchase Code” which you can click to set up automatic updates at any time.

After initial setup is complete, automatic updates will be served in a familiar and convenient way.

If you run WordPress Multisite, plugin will have to be active network wide or at least on the main site for automatic updates to work properly.

Please note: When you set up automatic updates for the first time it may take up to 60 minutes for updates to become available due to caching on both your site and our automatic updates server.

Automatic Updates via Envato Market Plugin

A bit less convenient but still a great way to get automatic updates on your site is to install Envato Market plugin. This free WordPress plugin lets you keep all themes and plugins purchased on Envato market updated.

Download Updates Manually

You can also download latest versions of plugins that you purchased directly from CodeCanyon at any time. To do so, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Download a new version from CodeCanyon (pick “Installable WordPress file only”)
  2. Deactivate and delete the plugin from your site (making a copy of the old version is a good idea though)
  3. Click Add New, Upload Plugin and upload the file that you just downloaded
  4. Activate the newly uploaded plugin

This process is generally safe – your settings or data will not vanish.

Alternatively, you can replace old plugin folder with a new one via FTP.